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Bird Breeders & Aviaries in Maryland

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Code Of Ethics supports the ethical breeding of pet birds.
We accept advertising from, and list only code of ethics registered breeders.

Responsible breeders seek to breed and raise birds that are healthy, both physically and emotionally. They are involved with efforts to educate bird owners about their pets, and with the welfare of pet birds. With these concerns in mind, they carefully screen their prospective buyers and make sure that each placement is done with attention to the level of commitment and awareness on the part of the buyer. They also make provisions to ensure that each bird they produce has a good home for its lifetime. They do not engage in breeding birds solely for economic reaons, but with the welfare of the birds, and the human families they will one day be a part of, in mind at all times.

As a registered Code of Ethics breeder, I state that:

  • I seek to breed and raise birds that are healthy, both physically and emotionally. I provide appropriate socialization, early training, health care, and nutrition to baby birds, to maximize their ability to bond with their future human family members, and to ensure the best possible future for that bird.
  • I operate a closed aviary for my breeding birds, to protect against the spread of infectious diseases, parasites, etc. I may allow people to see my own pet (non-breeding) birds, or operate closed-circuit viewing systems, or use other means to enable prospective buyers to view the birds in my care, but my primary consideration is the prevention of disease and infection.
  • I provide care, training, nutrition, and behavior information on pet birds in general as well as on my specific birds to all prospective buyers, as well as copies of all appropriate health records. I will also be available by telephone for a reasonable time to answer questions and to help the new bird owner, and will help the purchaser choose a proper cage and toys for the bird.
  • I can provide references to others who have obtained birds from me in the past.
  • I do not sell unweaned baby birds, except in the rarest of circumstances as covered in ConnectedByPets.coms Notes on Hand Feeding and Unweaned Baby Birds.
  • I personally and carefully screen each prospective buyer to ensure that the home is appropriate, ensuring that each bird I breed has a home for its lifetime. If I place birds through third parties, they are only those who also practice screening and education as outlined in this Code of Ethics, and whose practices are known to, and monitored by, me personally.

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The Connected By Pets Code of Ethics Breeder Locator is a free locator service for qualifying breeders. supports the responsible breeding of cage birds. We list and accept advertising only from code of ethics registered breeders. Responsible breeders seek to preserve and improve their chosen breeds, and are involved with clubs, rescue, education, and other cage bird-related activities. They screen their buyers to make sure their animals are placed in appropriate homes, and make provisions to ensure that the bird will have a good home for its lifetime.

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Bird Breeders & Aviaries in Maryland

Frederick, MD
(301) 845-4448
Web Link | View Map
LICENSED Maryland breeder of HIGH QUALITY, healthy PetCompanion baby:Cockatiels, Senegals, Rosellas, Princess, Ringnecks, Alexandrines, Conures & Parakeets

The Feathered Coop
Frederick, MD
(301) 695-6155
Web Link
We are closed breeding aviary specializing in sweet hand-fed Parakeets up to Macaws. We are devoted to raising the healthiest and friendliest birds possible and take great pride in regards to nutrition, housing, cleanliness, & avian education. We band all our babies with a closed identification band and issue a health guarantee on each bird.

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